Services offered by CREIC

The main services and features that will differentiate the recently created structure from its competitors are:

  • Incubated companies will have access to integrated business and free help-desk support services offered by the business support staff of the CREIC management company in the following fields: IT consulting and services, legal, financial, investment, marketing and sales consulting, as well as general management.
  • Incubated companies will be promoted on the Centre‚Äôs web portal. This service is free of charge.
  • Mature companies (especially those operating as business service providers) will be encouraged to promote their service offer to solve the problems of other incubated companies or propose possible partnerships with successful incubated companies. A cluster effect will thus be created, allowing an increasing competitiveness of hosted companies through information exchange, facilitated business partnerships and scale economies through shared use of certain facilities and equipment.
  • The centre supports the need of the companies to be kept up-to-date with the latest technology developments by creating an advisory body that will be maintained through various activities its members will be involved in. During networking events organized by the centre, this advisory body, inclusively made up of academia representatives, will be able to communicate with representatives of the companies operating in the field of creative industries, depending on their own specific.

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