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According to national strategies, the business support structures represent an essential factor for the development of the regional activities as locations for economic and social investments...

Centrul Creic

CREIC is a business support structure targeting the development of SME, especially companies that operate in the field of creative industries.

CREIC will develop as a business support structure focusing on two main activity components:


  1. The business support structures represent a vital factor for increasing the attractiveness of the regions as locations for investments in economic and social activities
  2. It represents a key tool for stimulating the regional and local business environment.
  3. Business support structures can contribute to increasing Romania’s degree of competitiveness within the expanded European Union, constituting a starting point for the integration of the national economy in the European economy.
  4. Cluj-Napoca has the opportunity to become a Centre of Excellence in the creative industries field, in Romania. The existence at a city level of INTERESTED stakeholders, with the necessary knowledge and skills for the profile industry (prestigious universities of architecture, design, television, theatre and film, publishing houses, museums, software producing companies).
  5. Cluj-Napoca is the host of profile events, unique in Romania, by scale: TIFF, the Puppet Theatre Festival etc.
  6. The city does not have an appropriate space for an exhibition centre at present.


The target market of “The Regional Centre for Excellence in Creative Industries” is represented by all the active enterprises in the North-West Development Region which can operate within such a business support structure, in terms of size and type of activity. Regarding the film/TV production facilities, the target market is the national one.


Cluj-Napoca territorial administrative unit aims – through the implementation of this project – at creating and developing a business support structure meant to develop the SME sector, particularly companies operating in the field of creative industries – a potential source of economic growth.
One of the medium-term objectives will be the development of sustainable and mutually profitable partnerships with actors of the institutional and private fields or the academia (especially SMEs) in the North-West Development Region.
The Centre will develop as a business support structure focusing on two main activity components:

CLUJ INNOVATION PARK S.A. Management Company

The optimal operation of the CREIC business centre during its active period will be ensured by the beneficiary, through a management joint-stock company, founded according to the provisions of Law no. 31/1990 on trading companies and of GEO 109/2011 on corporate governance of public companies. The company will manage both business centres that will be founded in Lomb: “The Regional Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries” and the T.E.A.M. Centre (Technology, Evolution, Entrepreneurship, microenterprise) – The Metropolitan Cluj Area – for business support.
According to Decision no. 101/2014 modified and completed with DLC no. 172/2014, the Local County Council of Cluj-Napoca approved the foundation, status and articles of incorporations of this company.
The company’s name is “CLUJ INNOVATION PARK S.A.”
The initially subscribed share capital paid by the Cluj_napoca shareholder, represented by the City Council of Cluj-Napoca is 600,000 RON.
The headquarters is in Cluj-Napoca, 2 Roosevelt St., Apt. 16.
The main responsibilities to be met by the management company are: